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UK pledges to help Somalia end political crisis

NEW YORK (SD) – The government of UK has pledged to support Somalia overcome the challenges of political crisis barely a month Somali capital witnessed a day long clashes over political disagreement, displacing tens of thousands from their homes in the capital.

Addressing the UN Security Council members, Ambassador Barbara Woodward, UK Permanent Representative to the UN said her government commitment to maintain its support to Somalia in both mitigating the impacts of these events and working to build longer-term resilience against the terrorism, political crisis and the challenges of covid-19.

Woodward warned that the ongoing political instability risks exacerbating Somalia’s already dire humanitarian outlook.

“The 25 April clashes alone displaced tens of thousands of Somalis and we are deeply concerned about the risk of further violence, especially if the talks fail. Respect for International Humanitarian Law and the protection of civilians is paramount for Somali state legitimacy,” she said. “Political violence only compounds the impact of the existing threats of COVID-19, flooding, drought, food insecurity, and locust swarms, which all pose a substantial risk to the long-term stability of Somalia. Somali leaders should continue to work to address the impacts of these issues.”

The envoy urged the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States to continue their constructive dialogue, based on the 17 September agreement and the recommendations of the Baidoa technical committee.

“Ensure that inclusive, credible elections can take place as soon as possible and we can break out of the political impasse that risks exacerbating insecurity and instability in Somalia,” she said.

Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdirizak, who spoke to the council shortly before Woodward, said Somali leaders reached agreement to resolve their differences over electoral process impasse following days long meeting in Mogadishu, Somalia´s foreign minister.

Abdirizak said going forward Somalia needs to have a predictable transition based on elections that is inclusive, credible, free and fair.

“This is a challenge and opportunity which the Somali people, government and partners must capitalise to ensure sustainable development and country,” he said.

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