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SNA recaptures a town briefly seized by al-Shabaab

MOGADISHU (SD) – Somali national army (SNA) has recaptured, Bal’ad, a strategic town outside Somali capital hours after al-Shabaab briefly seized the town in the morning.

Quoting SNA officials, the state owned media reported that SNA killed nine Al-Shabab terrorists during the fighting.

“We are in control of Bal’ad town, the militants attempted to the town but were defeated and bodies of nine neutralised militants were found in the area.  No SNA soldier was wounded in the attack,” the commander said.

At least five civilians were also reportedly killed after motor shell landed in the house.

SNA blamed al-Shabaab fighters for firing shells on the civilian residence in the town.

In a statement posted on its affiliate media, al-Shabaab claimed killing five government soldiers and wounded three others.

The militants also claimed to have seized a vehicle belonging to Hirshabelle state lawmaker during the fighting.

Al-Shabaab has been fighting Somali and Amisom forces for the past decade in different parts of the town.

The group lost many towns including Somali capital following fierce fighting with the allied forces but the militant group is still active.

It carries out deadly attacks on government installations, military bases as well as hotels.

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