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Somali-Americans and last night’s election primary victories

Minneapolis (SD) – Ilhan Omar, won her primary election to the US House of Representatives, defeating a well funded rival Antone Melton-Meaux for a Minnesota congressional seat.

Ilhan will run against the Republican nominee in November and is expected to emerge as Minnesota’s 5th district Democratic Representative for the second time in a row.

The young Omar Fatah another Somali-American candidate, a Business analyst also handily defeated incumbent Senator Jeff Hayden, winning the Minnesota state Senate primary election.

Jamaal Osman, also won the Minneapolis City Council primary election, a seat vacated by yet another Somali-American politician Abdi Warsame.

U.S. political analysts say this represents a seismic political change, as better community representation was at the forefront of voters.

Minnesota has the largest Somali community in North america and produces high profile state and national politicians.

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