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Somali and International forces target Al Shabaab in Jubaland

Mogadishu – (SD)- The Somali government has announced that its security forces, with support from international partners, have conducted planned operations targeting Al-Shabaab strongholds in the regions of Bu’aale, Saakow, and Jilib in the central Jubaland region.

The government stated that the targeted areas were known to be hubs for Al-Shabaab activities. There are reports of significant casualties inflicted on Al-Shabaab as a result of these operations. However, detailed information beyond this has not been provided.

The United States has expressed support for Somalia in its efforts against Al-Shabaab and to strengthen the capacity of both government and regional forces.

In recent days, the United States conducted airstrikes in the southern Mudug region, particularly in the Shabeelow area, targeting Al-Shabaab facilities and positions associated with planned attacks.

The government is continuing its efforts to push back Al-Shabaab from Mudug and Galgaduud regions. The security forces have taken areas previously held by Al-Shabaab, including Galhareeri, Galcad, Ceelbuur, and Ceel la Helay but have since vacated those regions.

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