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Somali Ethiopian regional administration says they have foiled a coup

JIGJIGA (SD) – Ethiopia’s Somali regional government says it has thwarted a coup attempt to oust President Mustafe Cagjar.

An statement from the Ethiopian Somali Regional State claimed anti-peace forces were trying to overthrow the elected government.

“Dear people of Ethiopia, at this time when the regional government and other regions of our country are working together to end the drought, the criminals who have committed different human rights violations in our country and region for the past three decades, and those who have broken their ties with the terrorist organizations after the change are gathered here. Boot conspiracy of the region and our people They have tried to know peace.” said the statement.

Adding “The main purpose of these forces is to create conflict between the people, to disturb the region and to hold power by force. While we are working to save our people from the drought, these forces who don’t care about the people are trying to disrupt the peace and to prevent the aid to the people affected by the drought has failed.”

The government also said in the statement that the group had links to terrorist organizations and wanted to destabilize the region.

“The government and the people of Somalia have stated that the attempt to hold power by force is not successful but by election, the work they are doing to reverse the drought will not be hindered by anti-change bodies for a moment.” said the statement.

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