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Somali forces apprehend al-shabaab fighters in operations

BAIDOA (SD) – Somali forces have captured number of al-Shabaab fighters following security operations by elite forces in Bay region.

The security operations took place for the last two days, according to Somali National News Agency (SONNA), the state owned media. Quoting officials, SONNA reported that the fighters were nabbed in Buur-haybe village, 34km north of Burhakaba town.

The military officials did not disclose number of the militants arrested. The forces also recovered weapons and other assignments.

According to SONNA, the forces also raided several Al-Shabaab villages including Jira-Kolow, Durdurow, sahweyn and Yaaq-doma.

Somali military backed by troops from AU have been fighting al-Shabaab militant group since 2007.

The group which still controls large swath remote areas in south and central Somalia wants to topple Somali government.

In undated video posted on its affiliate online website this week, al-Shabaab vowed to disrupt the country’s upcoming elections and warned citizens against taking part.

Since 2016, al-Shabaab killed dozens of elders and electoral delegates who participated last election.

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