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Somali forces strike Al Shabaab in Galgaduud region

Mogadishu June 06, 2023 (SD) – Somalia’s DANAB Commandos and Gorgor Forces today launched an operation against the Al-Shabaab in the areas surrounding Galcad District in Galgaduud Region, where members of the group were known to be present.

Commanding officers told local media that the military operation targeted the strongholds of Al-Shabaab in Ceel Hareri and Meexaan, located near Galcad District in Galgaduud Region.

The military commanders said the purpose of the operation was to respond to recent attacks by Al-Shabaab, particularly in the Masagaway area near Ceeldheer, where intense fighting occurred between government forces and Al-Shabaab militants.

Furthermore, they stated that the military operations against Al-Shabaab would continue until the liberation of all towns and areas under their control in Galgaduud Region, including Ceelbuur, Galhareeri, Wabxo, and other locations.

In the latest news coming from Galgaduud Region, it is reported that intense and ongoing military operations are taking place to eliminate Al-Shabaab and restore security to the remaining towns and areas still under their influence.

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