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Somalia’s International Partners issue a joint statement reaffirming their support

Doha June 06, 2023 (SD) – Representatives from Qatar, Somalia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States held their third meeting in the city of Doha, Qatar, regarding the situation in Somalia, focusing on security, politics, and governance.

During the meeting, the Somali Federal Government’s efforts in advancing security and stability were commended. The participants also deliberated on ways to combat extremism, including the coordination of counterterrorism efforts and international cooperation in the security sector.

Furthermore, Somalia emphasized the need to strengthen its security institutions in preparation for the African Union Mission’s handover by December 2024. They sought the support of the international community in this endeavor, as well as cooperation from governments and relevant global organizations invested in Somalia’s stability.

The importance of holding regular annual conferences to develop a comprehensive security plan was emphasized, aiming to establish stability beyond 2024. The participants also highlighted the significance of addressing the root causes of violence and ensuring the effective governance of recently recovered areas from Al-Shabaab extremists. The international community was urged to support Somalia’s efforts in consolidating peace and state-building.

The attending governments also pledged to extend political support to the Somali government by fulfilling the prerequisites for the normalization of relations, including the restoration of state institutions and the prudent use of resources. The UN Security Council was called upon to lift the arms embargo on Somalia, in light of progress made in the country’s security situation. Additionally, the international community was encouraged to enhance their engagement in political reconciliation efforts and to facilitate dialogue among government entities to achieve peace in Somalia.

They also called for an end to the conflict in the city of Las Anod, urging the parties to engage in a ceasefire and pursue peaceful negotiations to resolve existing differences. The progress made in Somalia’s economic sector and the development of financial institutions were also acknowledged. Efforts were made to promote investment and establish a comprehensive economic plan to advance the country’s financial stability and debt relief.

The international community was urged to extend immediate humanitarian aid to the Somali people, emphasizing the urgency to address their basic needs and provide support in areas of conflict resolution and sustainable development.

Lastly, the participants agreed to press on with these critical areas of focus, with a commitment to reconvene in Turkey to take stock of the progress made.

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