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Somali Government targets Al Shabaab accounts

Mogadishu November 07, 2022 (SD) – The federal government of Somalia succeeded in blocking Al Shabaab financial accounts in remittances and banks in the country, according to the deputy minister of information.

Abdirahman Yusuf Al-Addala, who spoke to the press, confirmed that they blocked accounts that had a lot of money Al-Shabaab was using to harm the Somali people.

“We have received tens of thousands of messages, in which people were sharing with us the accounts where the Khawarij used to send money. As a result, the banks and remittances blocked those accounts that the Khawarij had,” said Al-Addala.

Minister Al-Addala said that the move is part of the implementation of the government’s decisions to cripple Al-Shabaab’s financial resources.

Al-Shabaab collects from the port of Mogadishu and businesses in the country an estimated $120 million per year, while it receives other funds from the regions and beyond.

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