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Somali government wants control of Somalia’s coast to be handed over to Somali navy

NY (SD) – The Somali Federal Government says it wants the anti-piracy liaison committee off the coast of Somalia disbanded, according to the country’s envoy to the UN.

The commission was established more than a decade ago with the aim of informing and coordinating activities related to Somalia’s coast.

In 2008, a UN Security Council resolution adopted the commission, as piracy off the coast of Somalia was rife.

The commission has been receiving large sums of money to prevent and reduce piracy, but the Somali government insists it is not needed at this time.

“The commission’s funds were used for prisons and courts, and the pirates were reportedly processed, but unfortunately those prisons were built in Tanzania, Kenya and the Seychelles, there is no need for that as the Somali government has the capacity to prosecute the perpetrators and bring them to justice, ” Ambassador Abukar Bale, Somalia’s ambassador to the United Nations, told the BBC.

Ambassador Abukar Bale also said that the funds should be used to build the Somali navy, which protects the country’s shores from pirates, pirate ships and illegal fishermen.

The UN Security Council said it had agreed to review the commission’s work each year, However, said the Coalition for the Prevention of Piracy off the coast of Somalia was working to continue its responsibilities.

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