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Somali gov’t Changed COVID-19 burial process

Mogadishu (SD) – The federal government of Somalia has changed the COVID-19 burial process and organized special teams to bury the dead, as part of the effort to combat the pandemic

In a press conference held last night, the Prime Minister has outlined the government’s plans to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus in Somalia.

Mogadishu mayor,Omar Mohamed Mohamud announced that special teams trained for the burial of the deceased has been set up and that it has changed the burial process not accept more people to attend funerals.

“We have organized a COVID-19 corpses to be buried, as well as altered the way people should not be involved, as the disease could easily spreads to the community” said Mogadishu mayor.

The mayor also stated that the religious leaders and doctors are essential to the mobilization of the community in order to take the awareness and recommendations effectively.

Since the first COVID 19 case was found in the county, the Somali government has prioritized public health serves with a strong effort to curb the spread and influence of devastating disease around the world.

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