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Somali presidential candidate Dhuhulow arrested in Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Reports from Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland say that Somalia’s presidential candidate Mustafa Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow has been arrested at Egal airport today, according to reporter Khalid Fodhadhi.

Dhuhulow who also serves as an MP was reportedly detained at a police station at Hargeisa International Airport, after he was apprehended at the airport as he landed there.

Somalia’s presidential candidate Mustafa Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow’s trip to Hargeisa was not known in advance, and it is not yet known if he had planned to travel there.

Although the exact reason for Dhuhulow’s arrest is not yet known, Sources told the Horn of Africa newspaper that a German company based in Hargeisa requested a visa for Mustafa Dhuhulow in order to attend a conference in Hargeisa.

There has been no word yet from the governments of Somaliland and Somalia about the arrest of Mustafe Duhulow

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