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Somali military says General Huud and Al Shabaab are similar

Beledweyne (SD) – Reports from the town of Beledweyne confirm that a heavy fighting broke out between Somali government forces loyal to General Abukar Huud opposing the new Hirshabelle administration.

A senior Somali military official says General Abukar Huud and his troops on the outskirts of Beledweyne are similar to Al Shabaab.

The deputy commander of the 27th Division of the Somali military, General Salah Yaqub, has accused General Huud and his forces of attacking the Somali military in Beledweyne this morning.

At 5:00 this morning we heard the sound of gunfire in the city, the armed forces as they were all ready moved in, then they immediately fled,” said Gen. Yaqub.

The commander of the Somali military said that Hud and his forces will fight them like they fight with Al Shabaab, and he made it clear that the forces are conducting operations against the group.

“He is not different from Al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab is anti-peace and he has the same position. If you disagree(with the government), get on the radio, write articles, file a lawsuit, say what you want,” said Gen. Salah Yaqub.

Beledweyne security officials and the district administration have not yet commented on the attack.

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