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Somali MP: Opposed to Eastleigh Curfew

Nairobi (SD) – Kenyan lawmaker Yusuf Hassan, has strongly opposed the Kenyan government’s decision to impose curfew on his constituency Eastleigh.

The lawmaker described the curfew as a bias towards Eastleigh residents, saying the number of cases registered in Eastleigh is too small compared to the rest of Kenya.

Lawmaker Yusuf said Eastleigh hosts big business, and the curfew imposed by the government is ridiculous, as thousands of people come to the district to work and shop on a daily basis.

Kenya’s Health Minister held a press conference in Nairobi yesterday ordering the Eastleigh no entry or exit for 15 days.

The ministry said the reason for the curfew was related to the spread of Coronavirus, few cases have been documented in the area. Currently people are being allowed to open health centers and grocery stores at night only.

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