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Somali MPs: we are working on one person one vote

Mogadishu (SD) – Members of the Somali Parliament met last night in Mogadishu said they are currently working on holding a one person one vote election in the country.

The lawmakers, who number about 50, said they got involved to save the country, which is currently in a state of crisis.

These officials, including some members of the care taker cabinet, said in a statement that they are working to unite the Somali parliament and for an end to the ongoing political crisis.

The lawmakers are seen as part of Villa Somalia’s plan to extend the president’s term, a move widely opposed by opposition parties and some regional administrations in the country.

The country’s political situation is tense and is exacerbated by the ouster of former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, who was working on holding the elections on time.

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