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Somali National Party Forum: Electoral Commission must resign

Mogadishu (SD) The Somali National Party Forum in a statement released today called for the resignation of all members of the Independent National Electoral Commission after they failed in their mandate.

“The National Party Forum confirms that the 27/06/2020 Parliament’s recommendation that it cannot conduct a timely election only showed the long-term goals of the committee and the leadership of the country in the postponing the election period, which we have warned about several times”. said the Forum in a statement.

The forum alleges the electoral commission is not independent or fair as constitutionally mandated and is aligned its working with the country’s leadership in extending the governments mandate unconstitutionally.

The Somali National Forum also said it would never accept an extension of government institutions mandate.

“The forum informs the leadership of the government, the entire Somali public and anyone interested in the Somali political process that an unauthorized extension of time is not acceptable. Therefore, any problems or delays caused by not following the country’s constitution and not vacating seats will be the responsibility of the country’s leadership, “the statement said.

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