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Somali Parliament to review Constitution

Mogadishu January 07, 2023 (SD) – The upper and lower houses of the Somali Parliament held a meeting today and elected a committee to review the Somali Constitution.

The election of the Constitution Review Committee of Somalia was contested and MP Xuseen Iidow was elected as the Chairperson, while Senator Cabdullaahi Sheekh Ismaaciil Fartaag was elected as the Deputy Chairperson and Senator Saciid Cabdi Xuseen was elected as the Secretary.

The First Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Cali Shaban Ibrahim, and First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sadiya Yasin Samatar, who presided over the parliamentary meeting, praised the process of the election of the Constitution Review Committee of Parliament and encouraged them to fulfill their mandate of reviewing the Somali Constitution with integrity and professionalism.

The Somali Parliament did not specify areas of the constitution that will be reviewed, the reasons for the review, or the qualifications and expertise of the elected committee members.

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