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Somaliland House Representatives criticizes Somalia Parliament

Hargeisa January 07, 2023 (SD) – Somaliland’s House of Representatives has today condemned a Lasanod fact-finding committee recently appointed by the Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia, Sheikh Aadan Maxamed Nuur Madoobe.

The Somaliland House of Representatives said in a statement that a committee from Somalia’s Parliament should not interfere and investigate the situation in Lasanod.

The statement described the committee appointed by speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe as a provocation and attack on Somaliland’s independence.

The statement signed by Deputy Speaker Saeed Mire Farah comes out at a time when the Somaliland House of Representatives is not in session.

It is worth noting that the speaker of the Somaliland House of Representatives Abdirizaq Khalif recently blamed the outgoing president Muse Bihi and his administration for the deadly clashes in Lasanod where over twenty protestors were killed by Somaliland security forces in Lasanod with many more injured.

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