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Somali police in Mogadishu have detained over 30 Influencers

MOGADISHU (SD)-Somalia’s Police Chief, Sulub Ahmed Firin, has addressed measures taken by the police in the past few days to arrest several prominent individuals on social media accused of spreading insults and inciting public unrest.

Chief Sulub emphasized that such behavior will not be tolerated, and anyone found engaging in defamatory activities on social media will be arrested and brought to justice. He highlighted that the police force is responsible for upholding the law and protecting the community’s dignity.

“There has been an increase in young people misusing social media to insult others. The police are responsible for protecting the dignity of individuals being defamed on social media. The country has laws and order, and anything beyond what the law permits will be addressed. Anyone crossing their limits will be required to provide evidence for their statements,” said Police Chief Sulub Ahmed Firin.

This statement comes as the Somali police in Mogadishu have detained over 30 individuals, including both men and women, who are accused of insulting clans, and individuals, and inciting public unrest through their social media activities.

Residents of Mogadishu have largely welcomed the police’s action to arrest those who have been using social media to insult others and incite unrest in recent times.

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