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Somali president consults with civil society on Centennial Vision 2060

MOGADISHO (SD) -The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, today held consultative meetings with youth, scholars, and leaders of the Somali civil society regarding his government’s Centennial Vision 2060.

The President provided an update on the ongoing developments and efforts including the importance of creating job opportunities, improving the economy, reducing poverty, combating extremism, implementing constitutional reform, and ensuring the realization of Somalia’s development agenda.

President Hassan praised the Somali youth for their commitment to defending the country and advancing nation-building.

President Hassan Sheikh particularly focused on the opportunities for Somali youth to be part of the East African Community.

Furthermore, the President discussed with the youth the national issues he has been addressing, underscoring the importance of completing the constitution, decentralizing governance, combating environmental degradation, managing debt, and reforming the armed forces.

On their part, attendees presented their views on the national issues that the President shared, noting the importance of completing the constitution, the liberation of the regions under AS, lifting of the arms embargo, debt forgiveness, and the reconstruction of the army.

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