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Somali President: Ethiopian Government attempted to prevent us entry into the AU summit

ADDIS ABABA (SD) – The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, Ali Bal ‘ad, provided details about the recent incident where the delegation of the President of Somalia was obstructed in Addis Ababa from attending the African Union summit there.

Ali Bal ‘ad stated that earlier, the President, who intended to leave the hotel to attend the summit, faced security issues due to a misunderstanding regarding the clearance of the presidential convoy, leading to the President hitching a ride with Djibouti President’s convoy.

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia, Ali Bal ‘ad mentioned that eventually, the presidential delegation arrived at the summit venue. However, Ethiopian authorities once again attempted to block the President from interring the venue, leading to prolonged discussions and eventual resolution.

The Minister stated that these incidents were premeditated actions by Ethiopia, aimed at preventing the President from delivering his speech at the summit, ensuring that African leaders would not hear Somalia’s legitimate concerns regarding its sovereignty and unity.

He emphasized that the President’s speech addressed crucial issues concerning African leaders, highlighting the delicate relationship between Ethiopia and Somalia, making it one of the most important speeches delivered at the summit.

President Hassan Sheikh has returned to the capital city, Mogadishu, swiftly after attending the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, where he delivered an important message.

Some reports indicate that there have been diplomatic efforts to reconcile the differences between Somali and Ethiopian leaders, which have encountered setbacks after President Hassan Sheikh declined to meet with Ethiopian officials.

President of Somalia has told African leaders that his government will not compromise on the sovereignty of the country, despite all efforts to resolve this issue amicably.

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