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Somali president son deemed ‘primarily’ at fault, for motorcyclist’s death

ISTANBUL (SD) -An investigation into an accident involving the death of a Turkish motorcyclist by a car driven by the son of the president of Somalia, conducted in recent days by Turkey’s Council of Forensic Medicine, has issued a new report.

The report said that the accident in Istanbul on November 30 that killed Yunus Emre Göçer, a motorcyclist, was the fault of Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, according to the results of the investigation.

According to the results of the investigation, Mohamed Hassan Sheikh, who was driving at a high speed, hit the motorcycle, turning to the right, while Gocer reduced his speed and turned to the right.

Mohamed Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said that the motorcycle suddenly turned to the right side without turning on any signal, the deceased was not wearing a helmet.

Mohamed is expected to go to go back to Turkey and face justice. Iyaz Çimen, the lawyer of the Göçer family who spoke to the agency said: “The driver of the car, who was 100 per cent at fault, I think he should be punished for this.”

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