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Somaliland: 31 Years Later, Students take exams on the streets

Hargeisa October 10,2022 (SD) – About 400 students in Oog district of Saraar region of Somaliland, are currently studying in the city’s main market, due to lack of schools in the district.

Most of these students are the children of Somaliland’s National Army soldiers, serving in the eastern front lines, and have the city’s women traders donating their space to study.

“We have been teaching students in this market for 16 years, and for two years, we used to teach them in an empty water pond,” said a mother who is also a teacher ay the school.

The parents of these students, most of whom servicemen, said they pay themselves the expenses of these students schooling.

Five of my children are studying here, as you can see they are sitting on carpets, I pay for their schooling from my salary” said a soldier with the National Army.

The students are said to take their exams in the city streets while sitting on stones.

Somaliland, which receives financial assistance from the international community for the development of education, does not invest equally among its regions.

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