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Somali Regional State President and commission feud over Poll stations

Jigjiga (SD) – Somali Regional State President Mustafe Muhumed Omar has rejected a decision by the Ethiopian Electoral Commission that no elections can take place in 30 polling stations in the western region of Sitti.

President Mustafe said the regions belong to Somalis and could not be disputed.

These regions that the electoral commission declared to be in dispute is contested by Somali and Afar ethnic groups.

The country’s electoral commission has reacted strongly to the president’s demand regarding the polling stations.

“The Somali region is only required to maintain the security of the elections and understand that this is the job of the Commission.” A statement from the Ethiopian Electoral Commission said.

It is noteworthy that some of these polling stations have already held elections under the Somali Regional State constituency.

Somali and Afar regional forces have clashed several times in the West Sitti over land disputes.

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