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Somalia: 60 Al Shabaab militants reportedly killed in Bay Region

Baidoa July 27, 2023 (SD) – More than 60 members of Al-Shabaab militants were reportedly killed today in a joint military operation conducted by the Somali Federal Government and Southwest State troops in Ceel-dhuun Agoow area of Bay region.

The Ministry of Information of Southwest State of Somalia confirmed that the military operation targeted both national army and regional forces, working in collaboration to eliminate the presence of Al-Shabaab and restore peace and stability to the affected regions.

Brigadier General Hassan Isaac Omar, commander of the 60th Brigade, confirmed that several Al-Shabaab members were apprehended during the operations in those areas.

He further emphasized that the armed forces, along with regional forces, will continue to carry out offensive operations against Al-Shabaab until they are defeated.

Moreover, Brigadier General Hassan Isaac Omar reported that Al-Shabaab had placed landmines in the areas of Wajid and Goof Gaduud, endangering the lives of civilians residing in those regions.

The Somali government, with support from international partners, reiterated its commitment to counter and defeat Al-Shabaab.

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