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Somalia addresses the Lasanod situation

Mogadishu Feb 07, 2023 (SD) -President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Xasan Sheikh Mahamoud, delivered a speech on the conflict situation in the city of Laascaanood in the Sool region and called for an immediate stop to the ongoing fighting.

He expressed his condolences to the families who have suffered losses. The President emphasized the importance of considering the wishes of the local people and finding a solution through dialogue and reconciliation.

Also, the Federal Government of Somalia has issued a statement on the situation in the city of Laascaanood in the Sool region, calling for an immediate stop to the fighting.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Federalism, and Reconciliation of Somalia, Ahmed Maclin Fiqi, who read out the government’s position on the situation in Laascaanood to the media, said that the government has been closely following the meetings taking place in Laascaanood, which were led by traditional leaders, and is therefore saddened by the events that took place in the area, causing property damage and displacement of the population.

Minister Fiqi said that the problem in Laascaanood is a political one between Somali brothers, who share a region and culture, and cannot be solved by force or war.

The Minister added that Laascaanood is a test case for considering the desires of all parties and that tribal and internal conflicts have been tried before without any positive results.

Finally, the Minister said that the Somali government is responsible for protecting the constitutional principles of preserving the unity of both the land and the people of the Federal Republic of Somalia, and therefore the government respects the desires and decisions of the people of Laascaanood.

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