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Somalia: Airspace management is the responsibility of the Federal Government

MOGADISHU (SD) – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Somali federal government has responded to Somaliland’s statement accusing Somalia of improperly benefiting from managing the country’s airspace.

The Director-General of the Somaliland Civil Aviation Authority, Omar Sayid Abdullahi, accused the Somali government of refusing to implement agreements for both sides to jointly manage airspace, including revenue sharing.

He stated that Somalia has even violated previous aviation agreements, and has restricted Somaliland’s airspace, allowing only two flights. He said that they would not accept that the Somali government interferes with Somaliland’s airspace, noting that they have filed a complaint with the United Nations.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority has strongly refuted Somaliland’s statements, asserting that Somaliland’s assertion contradicts the reality of Somali airspace management, which is the responsibility of the Federal Government of Somalia.

This exchange of statements comes amid escalating tensions between the two sides, stemming from the maritime dispute initiated by Muse Bihi’s Maritime agreement with Abiy Ahmed.

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