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Somalia: Al Shabaab attacks a military base in Lower Shabelle

News from the Daaru-nimca region in the Middle Shabelle region indicates that armed individuals, believed to be Al-Shabaab militants, launched a serious attack that began with a series of explosions targeting a military base in the Daaru-nimca area.

According to local media, Al-Shabaab militants targeted a military base in the Daaru-nimca area with a coordinated attack involving car bombs.

Following the explosions, a fierce battle erupted between government forces and Al-Shabaab fighters, resulting in significant casualties on both sides and a considerable loss of life.

Some reports suggest ongoing sporadic clashes and occasional explosions in the area. Al-Shabaab claims to have inflicted heavy casualties on government forces and local militias in the attack, but the exact details of the casualties remain unclear.

The full extent of the damage caused by this intense attack by Al-Shabaab militants is not yet known, and both sides claim to have achieved successes in the ongoing conflict.

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