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Somalia: Al Shabaab carries out a deadly attack in Kaxda District

Mogadishu August 23, 2023 (SD) – The militant group Al-Shabaab attacked last night, targeting a police station in the Kaxda district in Mogadishu. They detonated a car bomb and also launched a raid on the police compound.

Somali Police Force spokesperson, Sadiq Adan Ali Doodishe, speaking to the media, stated that Al-Shabaab attacked the police station in Kaxda district, detonating a car bomb and subsequently attacking other areas as well.

He mentioned that the police forces stationed at the Kaxda police station promptly defended against the attack and repelled the militants, causing significant casualties among the attackers.

The spokesperson confirmed that the attack on the Kaxda district resulted in the deaths of two police officers and injuries to soldiers and civilians at the attacked site.

Yesterday’s Al-Shabaab attack in Kaxda district marked one of the deadliest in recent months, following a renewed offensive against the group in Galmudug.

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