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Somaliland: Kulmiye party elects embattled president as its candidate

Burao August 21, 2023 (SD) – The city of Burao witnessed a two-day gathering of the Kulmiye party’s leadership, the ruling party of Somaliland. During the meeting, the party’s Presidential candidate and his running mate were elected.

The convention concluded today with the election of the party chairman and vice chairman, and the presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the upcoming Somaliland elections.

The outgoing President Muse Bihi Abdi of the Somaliland administration was reelected as the presidential candidate by the Kulmiye party, while the vice presidency was awarded to Mohamed Hassan Sa’ad Sajin, also from Kulmiye.

Additionally, the chairman of the Kulmiye party, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, was also elected. He currently holds the position of Minister of Interior in Somaliland, and his vice chairman was named as Abdiasis Samale.

The Somaliland Presidential elections, which were scheduled for November 13, 2022, were delayed after Muse Bihi extended his term by two years, and party elections were similarly postponed.

Somaliland is currently mired in electoral conflicts and bad leadership. There has been a month-long war in Las Anod, while the pro-choice Jabhat is in the Gacan-Libax mountain.

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