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Somalia: Al Shabaab retake Hagar town

The Somali National Army’s elite forces recently captured military bases with Jubaland’s regional forces in the town of Hagar, located in the Lower Jubba region. It is reported that Al-Shabaab had been controlling the area in recent years, but they were ousted by the government forces.

According to the latest reports, Al-Shabaab withdrew from the town of Hagar after clashes with the Special Forces, as confirmed by local residents.

After the liberation of Hagar, the military commanders immediately took measures to ensure the security and stability of the local population, who expressed their relief at being freed from the influence of Al-Shabaab.

According to Al-Shabaab the government forces withdrew from the city, and that their troops retook the city.

The Somali National Army did not provide any information about the reasons for vacating Hagar, as this is not the first time they have allowed the militant group to retake regions recent liberated regions.

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