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Somaliland: High Court rejects request for legal interpretation submitted by the Election Commission

Hargeisa July 10, 2023 (SD) – Somaliland’s Constitutional Court has rejected the interpretation requested by the Electoral Commission, relating to the dispute electoral road map.

According to the statement issued by the court, it denied the request made by the Electoral Commission on April 7, 2023, stating that it did not fall within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, as it pertains to electoral disputes.

“The Constitutional Court rejected the application dated 4,7,2023 submitted by the National Elections Commission to the Supreme Court of JSL, which is the Constitutional Court, which was meant to interpret the law,” the court statement said.

The court highlighted that the scheduling of elections was not within its jurisdiction but rather is the responsibility of the Electoral Commission, hence it declined to interfere.

“The National Electoral Commission is instructed the electoral commission to determine the election timelines as it is within their jurisdiction, according to Article 16 of the General Elections Act,” the court said.

The Electoral Commission, which has been accused of bias and favoritism in handling the disputes arising from the presidential and the political associations elections, had requested the court to provide an interpretation, which the court rejected in order to maintain its impartiality.

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