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Somalia: Al Shabab militants target Bal ‘ad District with explosions

BAL’AD (SD) -Detailed are emerging about an attack that began with explosions today, carried out by Al-Shabaab militants in the Bal ‘ad district of Hirshabelle State in central Somalia.

The explosion, perpetrated by Al-Shabaab in Bal’ ad, involved a vehicle loaded with explosives, and subsequently, a battle ensued between government forces and a group of militants.

The attack targeted security checkpoints and offices in the district headquarters, resulting in significant destruction, as shown in the images taken from the scene.

The district commissioner of Bal’ ad, Qassim Ali Nur Furdug, speaking about the attack, stated that they repelled the Al-Shabaab attackers earlier today, resulting in casualties.

Additionally, Commissioner Qassim Furdug indicated that they killed 11 militants and injured others, and he also mentioned that the explosion caused extensive damage to buildings and other structures.

Furthermore, Al-Shabaab has escalated attacks during the month of Ramadan, targeting government forces and ATMIS troops stationed in southern and central parts of the country.

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