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Somalia and Turkey signed an agreement on the development of hydrocarbons in Somalia

ANKARA (SD) -The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mr. Abdirizak Omar Mohamed, currently visiting Turkey has reached an agreement with the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Mr. Alparslan Bayraktar.

The Minister of Petroleum of Somalia and his Turkish counterpart have signed a deal aimed at enhancing Somalia’s hydrocarbon sector and maximizing its benefits.

The Somali Cabinet has approved the agreement following a meeting, and shortly after, it was also endorsed by members of the Somali Parliament.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, speaking about the Somali-Turkish relations and the agreement, praised Turkey’s support to Somalia.

He stated that Turkey has assisted Somalia in various areas, including development, counter-terrorism efforts, and economic support, such as budget support.

President Mohamud also noted that Somalia has suffered from illegal fishing and toxic waste dumping in its waters for a long time but has yet to receive adequate assistance.

However, he clarified that Somalia’s request for Turkey’s assistance does not imply hostility towards Ethiopia or any intention for conflict. The intention, he stated, is solely to protect our oceans as we lack defense capabilities.

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