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Somalia, the IMF and World Bank discuss boosting Somalia’s economy

NAIROBI (SD) -Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, Bihi Iman Egeh, currently in Nairobi to attend a financial development conference between the IMF and the Somali government, engaged in crucial discussions with representatives of international organizations and donor countries supporting the Somali government, including the European Union Representative, the World Bank Representative, and the African Development Bank officials.

Additionally, the European Union Representative for Somalia, Ms. Karin Johansson, and Minister of Finance of Somalia, Biixi Imaan Cige, discussed the financial support provided by European Union countries to the Somali government and the strategic plans for enhancing the country’s economic development. The European Union is one of Somalia’s key partners in its efforts to rebuild the country.

The meeting with the World Bank, chaired by Ms. Kristina Svensson, covered various topics, including financial assistance and the development of targeted business sectors aimed at boosting Somalia’s economy. This collaboration is essential for the economic recovery and growth of Somalia.

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