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Somalia asks Arab countries to forgive millions in debt

Rabat April 30, 2023 (SD) -Somalia’s Minister of Finance, Dr. Cilmi Mahamoud Nuur, is attending the annual meeting of Arab Finance Ministries held in the city of Rabat, Morocco.

The meeting is set to discuss economic issues and cooperation between Arab countries. The Minister shared Somalia’s progress and efforts in economic development and financial management with the other Arab countries and organizations attending the meeting.

Dr. Cilmi M. Nuur, also informed the Arab Finance Ministers and other financial institutions, including the Arab Monetary Fund, about Somalia’s request for debt relief under the Debt Relief Program for Somalia.

The Minister of Finance will also hold bilateral meetings with the Finance Ministers and Heads of the Arab Monetary Fund attending the meeting.

Somalia currently owes millions of dollars in debt to various government and financial institutions, including Arab Monetary Fund.

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