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Somalia: Attack on Tawakal Hotel in Kismayo kills nine

Kismayo October 23, 2022 (SD) – Jubaland state government tonight confirmed that the Tawakal Hotel attack in Kismayo has ended, and all the attackers who were fighting inside the hotel were killed.

The Al Shabaab attack started with an explosion shortly after noon today, followed by armed fighters storming the hotel.

Minister of Internal Security of Jubbaland Major Yusuf Hussein Osman (Dhumal) confirmed to the media that three fighters were killed in the hotel, and 9 people died in the attack, while 42 others were injured.

Among the dead were students who were passing by as the attack began. This is the second such attack on a hotel in Kismayo in recent years.

The President of the Jubbaland Government, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, today addressed the attack by al-Shabaab on the Tawakal hotel, saying that they did not achieve anything as they intended.

“I send my condolences to the innocent people who were injured in the explosion that took place today at the Tawakal hotel in Kismayo. where the terrorists wanted to kill many civilians but many of the civilians were rescued by the security forces” Said Ahmed Madobe.

The Jubaland President congratulated the various forces that ended the attack in a short period of time and called on all Somalis to prepare themselves in eradicating the terrorist from Somalia.

Al Shabaab has not yet claimed that they were behind the attack on Tawakal Hotel today in Kismayo.

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