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Somalia celebrates 63rd anniversary of independence

Mogadishu July 1, 2023 (SD) – The President of the Federal Government Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, participated in a grand event held at the Mogadishu Stadium, marking the 63rd anniversary of the independence of the southern regions of Somalia from Italian colonial rule and the merger of the Northern and Southern regions.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister, Salah Ahmed Jama, the Governor of Banadir Region and Mayor of Mogadishu, Mr. Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madaale), government ministers from Federal Government, military commanders, and other officials.

The celebration took place at the Mogadishu Stadium, with a football match between the teams of Mogadishu City and FC Horseed.

The President of Somalia highlighted the importance of the 1st of July celebration and spoke about the overall situation of the country, including security, economy, social issues, and education.

Hassan Sheikh emphasized that the government is committed to achieving progress in combating terrorism and Al-Shabaab, promoting national security, constitutional development, peacebuilding, and other objectives, calling on the public to support the government in fulfilling its responsibilities.

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