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Somalia compares IDF to AS

MOGADISHO -The Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, Mahamoud Moalin Abdulla, stated that the Authority and the Somali people are prepared to provide financial aid and other forms of assistance to the city of Gaza once the Rafah border crossing between Palestine and Egypt is opened.

“The National Disaster Management Authority is committed that upon the opening of the Rafah crossing in Egypt, aid will be directed to support the Somali people, including financial assistance, as well as resources for the brothers and sisters in Gaza,” said Chairman Mahamoud Moalin Abdulla.

Mr. Mahamoud Moalin Abdulla referred to the Jews as aggressors oppressing the people of Gaza, indicating that they possess the characteristics of the extremist groups that are a source of suffering for the Somali people.

“The aggression from the Extremists and the aggression from the Jews in Gaza are the same,” he told a crowd of people commemorating the Zope bombing last year in Mogadishu.

The death toll has risen to 7,700 martyrs, including 1,195 children. Israel has been urged to halt the ongoing attacks, to no avail.

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