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Somalia: Council of Candidates announces holding a consultative conference

Mogadishu (SD) – The Council of Candidates today announced the creation of a Consultative Conference of Somali intellectuals and appointed two committees, the Conference Organizing Committee and the Security Committee.

A statement from the Union of Candidates said it was clear that federal and state government officials were not interested in a credible and transparent election.

” On 30 November 2021, the Council of Candidates, made it clear to the Somali people and the international community that the manner in which the Parliamentary elections began was in breach of all conditions for transparency and openness, and that the forthcoming elections had been marred by looting,” the statement said.

The council of Candidates also said in a released statement on December 10th, that it had convened a meeting to resolve the dispute.

“It is clear to the council that no one is tasked with the responsibility of stopping the electoral fraud and in taking corrective measures. It is also clear that the federal and state government officials are not interested in a transparent and credible election, in order to save the country from political and security instability, ”the statement said.

The statement from the Union of Candidates added, “The council is fulfilling its responsibility to save the nation and to hold free and fair elections, is working to convene a National Consultative Conference of Somali intellectuals. In order to carry out this difficult task, the Council will appoint Conference and Security Organizing Committees.”

The statement from the council of Candidates comes at a time when the Somali Electoral Commission has released a list of several MPs from the Northern Regions.

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