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Somalia: Danab commander dies fighting in Las Anod

Las Anod March 24, 2023 (SD) – A high-ranking officer in Somalia’s special forces unit known as Danab, based at the Ballidoogle military base in Somalia and supported by the United States reportedly died in the two-month-long conflict in Las Anod.

Commander Mohamed Aadan Suleiman headed a police mobile unit tasked with conducting raids and investigations in various areas of Mogadishu.

But during the conflict in Las Anod, Suleiman provided local media and the public with updates on the situation in Las Anod, discussing the battles between Somaliland and the forces and SSC.

General Odowa Yusuf Raage, the commander of the Somali military, spoke with the BBC and said that any member of the national army who takes part in the conflict in Las Anod will be expelled from the army.

BBC also reported that Suleiman was killed during a clash between the government’s troops and those of Somaliland, the conflict resulted in the displacement of over 180, 000 and the deaths of over two hundred people, according to human rights organizations.

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