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Somalia: President appoints a Constitutional review committee

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has issued a decree appointing the members of the Constitutional Review and Implementation Committee, the 5 member committee includes Burhan Adan Omar as their the Chairperson, and members Ahmed Mohamed Jama Mohamed Abdalla Saleh, Farhiya Mumin Ali, Mohamed Hassan Idris.

The members of the committee were approved by the Federal Parliament of Somalia and the Federal Cabinet of Ministers of Somalia, by the provisions of the Provisional Constitution of Somalia.

The President noted that the members of the committee possess the necessary expertise and knowledge on constitutional matters and the challenges facing the Somali state, and emphasized the importance of the implementation of the constitution in ensuring the stability and progress of Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh called on the members of the Constitutional Review and Implementation Committee to work diligently and collaboratively to achieve the aspirations of the Somali people, as enshrined in the Federal Constitution of Somalia.

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