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Somalia discusses ATMIS drawdown with the IC

ADDIS ABABA (SD) -The Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia Ali Omar Ali “Balad” attended a meeting in Addis Ababa to discuss the achievements of the ATMIS operation, which was organized by the African Union Peace and Security Council.

The meeting was attended by all the countries that support the development and stabilization of Somalia, the United Nations, and the European Union as well as the experts of the Somali Government working with the implementation and completion of the ATMIS operation which will be officially completed in 2024.

The meeting discussed in depth the results of the national plan regarding the Somali National Army’s full control of Somalia’s security and the completion of the ATMIS interim operation.

Minister Ali Omar Ali “Balad” who gave a speech at the meeting, underlined that the Federal Republic of Somalia has succeeded in training the Somali Armed Forces to stabilize the security of Somalia and they are fully prepared to take over the general security of Somalia.

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