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Somalia expresses concern over Ethiopian Interference at G-77 and China

KAMPALA (SD) -The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia, Salah Ahmed Jama, attended the summit of the G-77 and China in Kampala, Uganda.

The summit, scheduled to last for two days, aims to enhance cooperation among the G-77 member countries in the fields of trade, finance, sustainable development, climate change, and poverty eradication.

In a speech at the summit, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of strengthening collaboration among G-77 member states, highlighting the significant progress Somalia has made in various aspects, including economic development, security, and the fight against terrorism.

Salah also underscored the significance of adhering to international laws and promoting the sovereignty and independence of nations, expressing concern over Ethiopia’s interference in Somali affairs, particularly about the region’s security, and highlighted the need for a peaceful resolution.

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