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Somalia: Feds approve double the Mira Imports from Kenya

Mogadisho January 16, 2023 (SD) – The Somali government has granted permission to the Kenyan government to export more than double the amount of qat to Somalia, which is said to expand opportunities for local farmers.

According to Kenyan media, the export has now risen to 50 tons per day, compared to the 19 tons per day it was previously, since trade between the two countries resumed in July last year.

Kenya has described this step as one that will encourage many traders who were forced to seek other markets for their qat products. The head of the Mira and other cash crops industry, Felix Mutwiri, said that the export was restored from 19 tons per day when the market resumed.

“So far we have been allowed to export at least 50 tons of Mira to Mogadishu per day,” Mr. Mutwiri said.

The cost of a kilo of Mira qat being exported to Somalia is currently around $23, but traders have reported that it is still lower than the $25 they used to get before 2020.

The use of khat is a longstanding cultural practice in many parts of East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and it is considered a social and cultural tradition for many people in these regions. However, the use of khat can have negative effects on physical and mental health, and it is considered a controlled substance in many countries.

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