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Somalia: Feds issues a warning to the telecommunication companies

Mogadishu March 12, 2023 (SD) – The Ministry of Communication and Technology of the Somali government has warned technology companies in the country to comply with regulations in order to improve and ensure competition in the telecommunications market.

The Ministry announced the decision during a meeting held at the Ministry of Communication and Technology headquarters, which discussed the prevention of interference between technology companies.

The Ministry has emphasized the need for companies to adhere to the legal procedures for obtaining licenses to import radio equipment or other telecommunication devices into the country.

“All technology companies must comply with the regulations and system, and cannot operate outside the scope of the law,” said the Somali Ministry of Communication and Technology Jama Hassan Khalif.

The Ministry also stated that it has the right to take legal action against technology companies that violate the regulations and harm the activities of other technology companies.

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