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Somalia forces shell Al Shabab positions in Mudug

MOHADISHU (SD)-Drones supporting the Somali National Army launched a fierce attack on areas where Al-Shabaab militants were believed to be planning an assault on government troops.

The airstrike targeted an area known as Baraag Gurgurte, approximately 20 kilometers from Harardhere district in Mudug region. The militants and their combat vehicles were reportedly heavily hit in the operation.

Government sources reported that numerous militants and leaders of Al-Shabaab were killed in the airstrike, and it was also confirmed that some of their combat vehicles were destroyed.

The targeted area has been a stronghold for Al-Shabaab in recent days, where they have been amassing fighters and various military equipment. The airstrike was conducted in anticipation of an imminent attack on government forces stationed in Xarardheere.

Al-Shabaab has vowed to regain control of Harardhere district, where Somali government troops and local militias have previously ousted them from that district.

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