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Somalia: illegal fishing must end

Mogadishu March 06, 2023 (SD0 – Somalia’s Ministry of Fisheries has today stated that foreign fishing vessels are illegally fishing in the country’s waters.

The ministry has also indicated that these vessels have illegally exploited the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) since January 2023.

In addition, the Ministry of Fisheries has confirmed that all of these foreign fishing vessels have been investigated and found to violate the law and that there is no agreement on the exploration and management of Somalia’s fishing resources with the Federal Government of Somalia.

The Ministry has issued regulations, laws, and directives that clarify the legal requirements and regulations governing the licensing of foreign fishing vessels in Somali waters.

The Ministry of Fisheries has mandated that all foreign fishing vessels operating illegally in Somali waters must immediately vacate, and comply with international laws. It has also emphasized that any vessel violating these laws will face penalties and legal consequences from the Somali Government.

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