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Somalia in need of $ 1.6 billion in Aid

MOGADISHU (SD) -The Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency of Somalia (SoDMA), Mohamud Moalin Abdulle, hosted an important meeting today in Mogadishu, addressing the response plan to this year’s humanitarian needs in Somalia.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations, and the coordinator of humanitarian aid in Somalia, George Conway. It also involved representatives from the ministries of the regional governments, agencies working in the humanitarian sector, donor organizations, and officials from other UN’s humanitarian agencies.

The government and non-governmental humanitarian organizations participating in the meeting requested financial assistance amounting to $1.6 billion to support over 5.2 million Somalis in 2024. Chairman Maxamuud Macallin explained that the requested funds are lower than last year despite the worsening situation in Somalia, necessitating urgent aid to the Somali people.

Finally, he emphasized that during the past year, Somalis experienced significant challenges, particularly with the impacts of the El Niño-induced floods, resulting in widespread displacement, adding 80% of those affected, were mainly women and children.

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