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“Somalia is a difficult nut to crack,” Ruto told CNN

Nairobi September 08, 2022 (SD) – The new president of Kenya, William Ruto, said he will have a close working relationship with his Somali counterpart, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, as the two worked together before when he was the Kenyan vice president.

As the new president of Kenya recently told CNN TV that he is working on strengthening relations with Somalia, and made it clear that the security of Somalia is important for Kenya.

William Ruto promised, with the help of the international community, to work with the President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh, to find a solution to the security problems in Somalia.

“Somalia is a difficult nut to crack,” Ruto told CNN.

Adding “We are looking forward to working with him and with the international community so that we can square out the challenges in Somalia, make it possible for Somalia to take care of its own security concerns,”.

The relationship between Somalia and Kenya deteriorated in recent years, President Hassan Sheikh is working hard to restore it, and the two countries have signed several agreements since taking office.

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